The human brain is made up of billions of neurons. Their chemical interaction in every moment of our lives generates electrical impulses that, even though they are infinitesimal, can be measured.

Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology interprets the electrical signals that correspond with certain brain activity and allows a computer or other external devise to be controlled with thoughts. BrainControl is a BCI platform applied to assistive technologies.

BrainControl utilizes thoughts related to movement. The general patterns of electrical activity created by these thoughts are similar from person to person, with small differences that can be accomodated with a one-time calibration.

One-time calibration

BrainControl only needs to be calibrated for new users or new thoughts.

Highly portable

BrainControl is highly portable, consisting of only a tablet PC and a wireless EEG helmet

BrainControl – Communicator

BrainControl – Basic Communicator includes a sentence finder and a yes/ no/ don’t know selector. The interface scans between available options, utilizes just one thought to select the desired choice, and includes audio and visual feedback. The pre-defined sentences in the sentence finder are completely customizable, including the addition of images, audio feedback and the creation of sub-menus.

Future versions of BrainControl, which are currently under development, will include advanced communication (virtual keyboard, email, social networks, etc.), home automation and robotics control.

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